Checkin’ Out: Vancouver Food Cart Fest 2013

by phoenixortheflame

Food Truck FestDid I die? Is this heaven?

Nope, it’s just Vancouver Food Cart Fest. Same same.

So, if you live under a rock and don’t know what I’m talking about, Vancouver Food Cart Fest is, like, the greatest organized event since Woodstock. Not that I’ve been to Woodstock … but I imagine the two are comparable. I mean, beet fries with seven-spice mayo? Dude must have been on an acid trip …

Running every Sunday from 12pm to 6pm until September 22, the second annual Food Cart Fest features more than 20 food carts from the Lower Mainland. Its new location is at 215 West 1st Ave. between Cambie Bridge and Olympic Village, and admission is only $2 to get in (not bad for something to do in Vancouver!).

Several vendors have been featured on Eat Street (such as Le Tigre), which is sweet, because I hate it when I see something on the Food Network that I so badly want to eat but can’t because the restaurant is in Louisiana or some shit like that. (First world problems?)

And on top of all the amazing food carts, there’s also live music and some pretty great clothing and accessory vendors for hipster types (high-waisted cut-offs, remixed vintage garb, and kitschy home decor).

I could tell you how super amazing fantastic it was, I think I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking …

Le Tigre, as featured on Eat Street.
Beet Fries with 7 Spice Mayo from Le Tigre–gluten-free!
Warm Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower Salad, also from Le Tigre.
Cheese and potato perogies from Holy Perogy. Beyond words.
Yah, I’m only slightly excited.

Sarah’s fish taco from Feastro–also gluten-free (breaded with chickpea flour!).