It’s a Grilled Cheese Party, Bitches!

by phoenixortheflame

Do I have your attention?

Yep, you read that right: grilled cheese party. And in case you’re unsure of what that means, it’s an entire party dedicated to grilled cheese of all varieties (duh). Basically I’m a genius.

Okay, so Rachael Ray is the actual genius–or more appropriately one of the contributors in her magazine is–but can you think of a better person to throw a grilled cheese party than meeee? There are few things I love more than cheese and bread, and they consist of cheese AND bread and probably my mom.

See, last week I turned the big 2-7. Up until this point I still considered myself a youth, if you will. But 27 is different. It’s verging on 30. Yep, it’s official, I’m an adult. So I did the only thing I could think of to celebrate my adulthood: I threw a grilled cheese party. When I told my dad, he said, “Why don’t you just go to Crash Crawlies and play in the ball pit?” Pfff.

Trust me, I would have if I didn’t think they’d kick me out.

So you’re probably wondering, “Amy, how do I throw a grilled cheese party?” Because, like, doesn’t everyone want to throw a party of such utter deliciousness? Yes. Yes they do.

So here’s how:

1. Figure out what kinds of sandwiches you want. Do you want straight up just bread and cheese, or do you want something Eat Street-worthy?

2. Gather the necessary items, including all the breads, spreads, dips, cheese, and fillings, as well as plates, napkins, cups, electric griddles, panini presses, etc.

3. Help your guests out with some sandwich ideas. I created a visual guide that showed guests how to make nine different sandwiches. Feel free to steal my idea, or get creative and come up with your own.


4. Present all the ingredients in an orderly fashion so guests can create their sandwiches like an assembly line. If you check out the photo below, you can see I’ve got the bread then the spreads then the fillings and lastly the cheese, which is grated because it melts better.


5. Let you guests grill their own sandwiches; this frees you up to mingle and keep everyone’s drink full.

6. Ask for help. Thankfully I had some lovely family members helping me set up for this shindig. If I hadn’t, I would have been overwhelmed with the prep. So thanks, y’all!

7. Get everyone involved. Now, this is something I didn’t do, but I wished I had. Rather than collecting and buying all these ingredients myself, a more economical option is to assign everyone a sandwich and ask them to bring the ingredients for that specific sandwich. Because, as we all know, cheese is, like, hella expensive!

So what d’ya think? You’re totally throwing a grilled cheese party aren’t you? Also, apologies for not getting any photos of actual grilled cheese … they were camera shy.

Also, a big shout out to Golden Ears Cheese Crafters for hooking me up with all this delicious cheese!