Dinner Tonight: Onigiri

by phoenixortheflame

So, this wasn’t exactly dinner. More like an evening snack. But I would argue that you could eat onigiri just about anytime–and, because of its compact nature, anywhere.

Apparently, onigiri is not a form of sushi, much to my dismay. The reason is that onigiri is traditionally made with plain or lightly-salted rice, whereas sushi rice is made with rice vinegar. Well, I’ve made a hybrid then, because my onigiri is made with rice vinegar.

These little pockets of goodness are stuffed with either miso paste; sauteed collards, spinach, garlic, ume plum vinegar, and shoyu; or both. Then, they’re “finished” with a layer of nori, a dusting of black sesame seeds, or a quick sear in a fry pan.


Eat flexy, feel sexy!