Dinner Tonight: Rice Pilaf with Caramelized Onions & Smoky Paprika-roasted Potatoes

by phoenixortheflame

Too tired and too full to write much about this dinner, so I hope the pictures speak for themselves. And I hope they say, “Eat us, we’re yummy.” And they’re not lying. Oh man, am I a cheeseball today.

I got the recipe for the pilaf from the kind diet, but apparently it originally came from Christina Pirello’s Christina Cooks. You can get the recipe here, and I think you should make it. Really. It’s so yummy. I’ve cooked it three times now, and I like it more every time. I still don’t understand how something with just a few ingredients can taste sooooo flavourful. Must be the ginger … and the parsnip. Mmmm …

The recipe for the potatoes came from Jane Noraika’s vegetarian food for friends. I got it from my mom for my birthday and it’s the first thing I’ve cooked from it. I can’t find the recipe online, so just let me know if you want it.

As you all know (or maybe you don’t) I love dill … and garlic … and dill with garlic. So I was pretty much sold on the topping, which consists of sour cream, and, duh, dill, and garlic. The potatoes are first rolled in extra-virgin olive oil then coated with a mix of regular and smoked paprika. Then they’re baked until crispy and topped with a dallop of the sour cream mixture.

Pure bliss.

Eat flexy, feel sexy!