Dinner Tonight: Vegan Caesar Salad & Mushroom and Sun-dried Tomato Risotto

by phoenixortheflame

I honestly did not think that a vegan caesar salad would be so freaking delicious, but it was. In fact, I would go as far as to say this salad was better than regular caesar salad.

The dressing is made of Dijon mustard, lemon, tahini, almonds, garlic, shoyu, and extra-virgin olive oil. And guess what, the croutons are homemade too! Check out a demo of the recipe by Miss Alicia Silverstone herself below.

And if you’re not sure what the dark green pieces on the salad are, they’re little rectangles of nori (you know, the stuff you roll sushi in, which also happens to be seaweed). I only needed 1/2 sheet of nori for the salad, but you can only buy packages of 10 (maybe 6, I don’t know). But that’s totally okay because–call me crazy–I love eating sheets of nori plain!

The risotto I made tonight is a dish I’ve made several times. It’s the perfect dish to cook for guests, and the hearty gravy taste makes it an excellent dish for meat-lovers.

The risotto is seasoned with two of my favourite herbs, thyme and rosemary. And I got them fresh from my herb garden that I got for my birthday.

The only alteration to this recipe that I make is I substitute shiitake mushrooms for oyster mushrooms, because I just don’t like shiitake mushrooms.

You can find the recipe here, and I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.

Eat flexy, feel sexy!