Dinner Tonight: Creamy Barley Risotto & Beets

by phoenixortheflame

Tonight I cooked another recipe from the flat belly diet cookbook and it turned out great. Risotto is great, but I always feel bad eating white rice, such as arborio, because it just doesn’t pack the same nutrients as the brown variety.

This recipe is wonderful because instead of rice it uses fibre-packed barley. Barley has a chewy texture, which is perfect for risotto, because the rice in risotto is normally cooked until al dente and slightly chewy.

The best part of the risotto is the fresh grated parmesan cheese that’s mixed in. Cheddar, mozzarella, gouda, havarti–cheese makes everything better (even cake!).

The beets are just beets. I learnt a trick about cooking beets the other day: boil them with the skin on until tender and peel them after they’re cooked–the peel just slides right off!

Eat flexy, feel sexy!