Dinner Tonight: Ranch House Omelette

by phoenixortheflame

Tonight I cooked another recipe from Quinoa 365 and it was yum-yum-yummy! I cooked it mostly because I know how much my boyfriend loves eggs–and I love quinoa and pesto so it was a great compromise.

I love the idea of adding cooked quinoa and pesto to the egg mixture, and though I thought doing so would add bulk to the omelette, it really didn’t.

The filling was especially yummy: grape tomatoes, asparagus, button mushrooms, and, my favourite, cottage cheese! (My boyfriend hates cottage cheese, but he said it was “not bad” in the omelette.)

Basically, this was a super-easy, super-quick meal–perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or a midnight snack–just sayin!).

Eat flexy, feel sexy!