Dinner Tonight: Three-Bean Chili, Cornbread, & Fresh Herb Salad

by phoenixortheflame

Chili is the perfect comfort food, packed with fibre, nutrients, and flavour. Plus, it’s so easy and you can pretty much throw whatever you want and whatever you’ve got in it.

Kidney beans are my favourite part about chili–I even thought so when I ate meat chili! But these tasty organ-shaped legumes have some tough competition in this Three-Bean Chili: navy beans and black beans. But beans don’t like confrontation so they worked it out with their words and decided they loved each other and they formed a spicy commune.

I got the recipe for this recipe from chooseveg, who got it from Compassionate Cooks. It wasn’t recommended to me, I just found it when I searched for vegan chili recipes, and I’m glad I did.

Now, I have a teeny-tiny confession to make about the chili: I added about two tablespoons of ketchup to the batch. My grandma used to make a yummy turkey chili with Worcestershire and ketchup and I loved it. I just felt like this three-bean chili needed a little sweetness–but it totally didn’t need it so don’t do it!

The cornbread actually came from a mix from Trader Joe’s–my grandparents picked it up from the US. All you do is add an egg, milk, and oil and it is freaking delicious. One day I will make my own cornbread, maybe even vegan, but I had this mix sitting in my pantry and figured it would be a perfect side to the chili.

The salad was super easy–just organic mixed greens, chopped cucumbers, mushrooms, baby tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a light vinaigrette dressing. Simple yet delicious.

Eat flexy, feel sexy!

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