Welcome to the sexy flexitarian blog

by phoenixortheflame

For those of you who are unfamiliar or unsure of the definition of “flexitarian,” I describe it as such: a person who eats a varied diet, primarily consisting of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains, but who also, on occasion, consumes eggs and dairy products. Meat and fish are not staples of a flexitarian’s diet, though may be eaten on rare occasions. Basically, the flexitarian diet has more, well, flexibility, hence the name.

I tested the waters of vegetarianism, dabbled with veganism and came to the conclusion that the best option for me is to eat as few animal products as possible, while still allowing myself the cheese and spinach ravioli I’ve been craving or that salmon my boyfriend’s parents cooked for Sunday dinner.

I may not be the poster child of animal rights but I make a conscience effort to eat few animal products and purchase even fewer. As for the rest of the components that make up my flexitarian diet, I try to buy organic whenever possible, and I’m learning more about how to incorporate local ingredients into my meals.

Veganism is not an option for most people, nor is vegetarianism. But flexitarianism is something that everyone can maintain. Eat flexy and feel sexy!